Sunday, 8 March 2015

london fashion weekend february 2015.

Last Saturday was the kind of day that when thinking back I find it hard to believe I managed to squeeze so many activities into just one day. In the morning I met up with my uni girl Milla for a brunch in the city and cheeky early afternoon cinema session of "Fifty Shades of Grey" (which, by the way, I loved). Having recovered from the hotness of Christian Grey and cuteness of Anastasia Steele we made our way to the Somerset House to check out the after-event of London Fashion Week aka London Fashion Weekend.
LFWend is a little sister of LFW. As we know, LFW is a closed event where only editors, buyers and other fashionable VIP's are invited whereas LFWend is open to everyone who is willing to buy a ticket. I have been to this event before several years ago and loved it, however it has gotten much bigger, messier and more crowded and I didn't really enjoy it at all this year. Catwalk shows are cool if you are willing to queue ages before the start to get the front row seat. I wasn't and therefore ended up in the back row, meaning that I only saw the top half of the models. Not that fun, as I was looking forward to observing the whole styling of the shows.
Anyway, Somerset House is a very cool venue and the event was brilliant for people watching. And spending time with one of my favourite people is never a bad thing! Took a few snaps too but sorry for the poor quality - I don't tend to carry my camera with me these days and iPhone photos taken in dimmed light are anything but amazing :(


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