Sunday, 15 February 2015

you will be mine.

Lately I have been thinking a bit about my buying habits. I know that I am self-confessed shopaholic and if I think about the amount of money I have spent on fashion over my lifetime... Let's just say that I might own another property had I not shopped so much for the past 6-7 or so years.
My shopping sprees have resulted in a stuffed-in wardrobe that actually depresses me. It is so full I am struggling to browse through my items to put together simple everyday outfits. I am selling some stuff on eBay from time to time but the truth is that the minimal money you get for your clothes there is just not worth the hassle of photographing, listing, packing and sending away your stuff. I recently sold a beautiful Sonia Rykiel knitted top I had only worn a couple of times for £6, after having paid £120 for it. Is it worth it? No.
Anyway, I can lecture myself all well and good but the truth is that I will never stop shopping. If you are genuinely in love with fashion it is impossible to ignore the shops every time fresh collections arrive but what one can do is re-evaluate the way she shops. No more binge Zara and H&M online sprees but instead an occasional purchase of something way more special - perhaps a little more expensive but from the designer/brand I genuinely love and the items I know I won't tire of a few wears in.
Here are a few beauties that have been on my radar for a while and will most likely make their way into my wardrobe very soon (all items are available now):

T-shirt by Acne Studios here - I don't need this shirt but I want it. I am obsessed with the print on it and can't wait to wear it with black skinnies + fluffy cardie now and denim shorts + gladiator sandals come Summer.

Dark grey jeans by Acne Studios here -  I am so tired of all my black jeans fading after the first wash, so I am giving up on those and will invest in a dark grey option instead.

Reptile ankle boots by &Other Stories here - ankle boot perfection. What else is there to say?

Black shopper by Balenciaga here - I am on the market for a new everyday bag, as I have worn my Michael Kors tote to death. This one is minimalistic, chic and super luxe.


  1. appi, selle rea lugemine, et sa Sonya Rykieli topi 6 naela eest maha müüsid, pani mu silmad valutama lausa :D

    1. Ma tean... Pigem oleksin selle ära andnud sõbrannale või kellegile, kellele see oleks rõõmu valmistanud :-s
      Enam ma disaineriasju eBaysse ei pane!