Wednesday, 22 October 2014

acne studios + LCF life part 1.

So I have now officially started my long-awaited Fashion Business course at the London College of Fashion. Due to having a full-time job the course I am taking is part-time but to be honest - it doesn't really feel like it is! The course is tough, already just a few weeks in I have 4 projects/essays to finish by the end of term one (beginning of December that is) :-O Can someone give me more than 24 hours in a day please?
There are about 25 people on my course and all of them have full-time jobs. I think we all can pretty much say goodbye to any kind of social life for the next 3+ years, as our lectures are on two evenings a week plus Saturdays. Due to us not spending that much time in campuses we pretty much have to learn most things on our own and spend a lot of time researching and writing in our own time. Our very first project is creating a digital collage/poster based on a theme we had to pick in relation to a human rights charity. Another essay is an image or object analysis of 1500 words and then two group projects of chosen 2 fashion brands. It's all incredibly exciting and I am still in awe of studying something I feel so passionate about but I can't help but feel a little bit overwhelmed by all of this... We pretty much jumped straight into doing all of these things, without much introduction or base behind the topics. Anyhow, it's just one of these times when I must keep my head up high, get on with it and try to enjoy every minute along the way!

Here I have a little outfit I wore the other day. I am obsessed with Acne Studios - their London Dover Street boutique is fast becoming one of my favourite places in the city and I cannot resist a cheeky pop-in now and then! This logo sweater is now sold out pretty much everywhere (you might find a size L here or there) and I am so happy I managed to bag the last one in smaller sizes. I adore the dark blue colour and gold print in the front plus the warmth and cosiness of it is second to none! Scandis really can do no wrong in the fashion department, me thinks.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

days in portugal.

A few days ago I returned from one of my favourite vacations ever - beautiful Portugal where I spent 8 sun-filled days with my best friends. I can't even tell you how wonderful this country is in every way - excellent weather, stunning nature and architecture, kind people, great food, nightlife, interesting culture and language... I enjoyed every second and am a bit sad to have returned to cold and grey London.
However, holidays are there to be enjoyed occasionally and the real life always awaits! I am back at my work desk and from this Saturday I will finally start my Fashion Business course at London College of Fashion. Will keep you updated on how it went!
Meanwhile, here is a selection of photos from Portugal and some of the outfits I wore. It was so hot and I was not very well prepared to meet 32C temperatures in Europe in October but of course there were no complaints!