Friday, 5 September 2014

topshop boutique.

Most people in the UK and probably in the rest of Europe too know about one of the biggest British high-street clothing brands - Topshop. The fashion empire has over 300 shops in the UK and nearly 500 stores across 37 countries, so it's presence in the affordable fast fashion world is huge.
But not many people know that in addition to their standard Topshop line they also in-house design and produce Topshop Boutique and Topshop Unique collections which are both higher-end, more expensive lines, made using luxurious materials.
I am a huge fan of natural fabrics like silk and good quality cottons and I'm a bit sad that most high-street brands use too much polyester which is a man-made fibre and does not let your skin breathe. I personally would not mind paying £20 more for a beautiful silk blouse, rather than saving a few pennies for cheap viscose or polyester which clings to my skin and generally doesn't last.
I don't think there is a better/more comfortable thing to wear in the summer than a pure silk dress. And this exact garment was the first thing that came to my mind when I was planning my recent trip to the Italian capital Rome, where during the day temperature hit nearly 40C.
Oxford Street in London - the longest and busiest shopping street in Europe - is dangerously close to my office and during one of my lunch breaks I discovered this amazing Topshop Boutique silk dress from their freshly in stores A/W 2015 collection. It was the perfect choice for hot and humid Rome and I noticed a lot of passing ladies checking it out too :-)
The dress is one of my favourite recent purchases and will surely accompany me on many future trips to hot destinations.
Sandals are from Faith (another brilliant buy - these have been going strong for good 3-4 years!) and sunglasses from Ray-Ban.


  1. See kleit on täiuslik! Aga mulle nii-nii meeldib, kuidas iga sandaalipaar Sulle sobib. Mis firmalt need on?

    1. Aitah, kallis Stella! Tead, ma olen tohutu madalate kingade/sandalkade fänn ja mul on kõige rohkem suve lõpust kahju just sellepärast, et peab jälle varbad ära peitma :-)
      Need sandaalid on mul juba mitu aastat vanad, aga bränd on brittide Faith. xx

  2. Pretty outfit :)

  3. I adore your shoes! Beautiful photos x

  4. i miss rome so much, looks so beautiful!

  5. So Beautiful!