Sunday, 29 June 2014


Some months ago, on our way to a long-awaited 2-week holiday to Thailand, we surely got more than we bargained for - well what came to our flight anyway. Not going to bore anyone with the details but basically due to the delay of our initial flight we missed the connecting flight and ended up getting a near-nervous-breakdown in one of the world's biggest airports when we had no flight, no hotel and no assistance from the lovely airline called British Airways. When we finally managed to get to our end destination, my suitcase was missing and I didn't get it back until the fourth day... Not ideal when your only clothes in 30C heat are the ones you wear in London in January :-O
Anyway, British Airways messed up our journey big time and after complaining for months, this is what I was given as a compensation. A bracelet. A beautiful bracelet that is - in fact I am rather in love! But I can't help but wonder - is this really how one of the world's biggest airlines keeps their customers happy?
Enough of moaning though :-) I do love this bracelet and I do love the fact that it is by one of my favourite British jewellers - Monica Vinader. This Fiji friendship bracelet has been one of their bestsellers for a while and I understand why - it looks so cool on a tanned skin. Not sure about the embossed letter "M" though - anyone else reluctant to wear her ex's initial on her arm?

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