Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summer Perfection.

Kallid Eesti lugejad - järgmisest postist alates kirjutan nii inglise kui ka eesti keeles. Tere tulemast tagasi! ;-) x

I am pleased to present the most favourite Spring/Summer 2012 item in my wardrobe so far – the knitted festival fringe jumper by Topshop. I am struggling to put together words to describe how much I love this jumper – perhaps just saying that “it truly makes me smile every time I look at it” pretty much sums it up? I could not think of a better Summer jumper than this – the whole package of pastel colours, perfectly relaxed fit and lightweight feel make it a must-have item in every fashion lover’s wardrobe.

Monday, 28 May 2012


My longer than usual absence from the blog can be explained with me having the pleasure to attend the most incredible fashion event I have experienced so far - the biggest event of its kind in Estonia - ERKI Fashion Show 2012. I am still recovering from this amazing experience and more about it very soon - stay tuned! ;-)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Stefanel Spring / Summer 2012 Lookbook

Stefanel is the label I have had my eye on for a while now. I have always been impressed with their ad campaigns, the most recent one featuring the fabulous Daria Werbowy in the label's luxurious knits and sexy shorts.

Their latest Spring/Summer collection is beyond amazing and I am in love with every single item. It's the kind of collection you could swap your entire wardrobe for and you'd be alright all Summer and beyond. I adore all these neutral colours mixed with cool prints, oversized tees and jumpers, cool jeans.. Totally obsessed!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The New Favourites

Oh, I love jewellery. I bet every girl does. Thankfully, I have never been a diamonds-only-kind-of girl, I can happily treasure and wear to death a £5 piece. My favourite body decoration pieces are definitely necklaces - I find it totally amazing how a small piece can transform the simplest of outfits. My necklace collection is becoming pretty large and I am struggling with storing it properly, however of course this does not deter me from buying more and more :)

I wanted to show you 3 recent pieces I have recently added to my collection. All really well designed - just look at that spiky one! It looks amazing with plain T-shirts and neutral jumpers - I can already see myself wearing it with most of the items in my wardrobe. And the owl pendant necklace needs no explanation - I am obsessed with owls and any clothes/accessories featuring this adorable bird finds a rapid way into my possession. The necklace featured on picture 3 is also very close to my heart - love the playful togetherness of 3 different-coloured chains - again the piece that goes with everything. Love, love, love cheap jewellery!

Spiky necklace - Freedom at Topshop
Owl pendant necklace - random jewellery shop in Las Palmas
3-chain necklace - random jewellery shop in Las Palmas

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Little Inspiration For Tuesday Evening

This page here is from ELLE magazine. May 2012 issue, page 45. It is the letter written by the magazine's temporary editor and in my opinion, one of the best editor letters I have ever read. I would like to read it out loud to all of these skeptics who do not understand the relationship a woman can have with her clothes. To the people who think that only empty and dumb can be excited about fashion. I salute you, Jennifer Dickinson - I could not have said it any better!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Isabel Marant High-Street Finds

Some posts back I wrote about my frustration of not being able to afford the clothes designed by some of my favourite designers. I don't even always buy Vogue for the reason of drooling over all these amazing designer clothes and knowing that the only pleasure these garments ever give me is looking good and shining on a glossy paper. Even though high fashion has always been very expensive which is due to exclusive materials and exquisite craftmanship, I just cannot ever justify paying £1000 for a top or £5000 for a jacket. Even if I earned 10 times as much as I earn now.

Isabel Marant is a designer I seriously admire. She has an amazing ability and talent to create absolutely perfect (yes - perfect - which means it cannot get any better!) off-duty wear. I am totally obsessed with her and can say that she is the only designer whose collections I cannot wait to see every season. I once went to London Liberty store specifically to touch one of her jumpers.. How sad is that? :-)

To any other IM fans out there who are in a similar situation/frustration as me I wanted to show the 2 items I have found on the high street which are pretty similar to original Marant' designs. One of them is a fringed jumper I have been lusting over for ages - the same one I went to touch in Liberty :) And another one is a beautiful boho-style Summer top which I would gladly exchange my cat for (OK, maybe just half of the cat!). Needless to say, I have just placed orders for both of these cut-price beauties and even though they will never replace the real Marant, I can still wear a piece of her idea.

Topshop version available here

La Redoute version available here

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Holiday Looks

As promised, here is a little journal of most of my holiday looks. Who hasn't seen some of my previous posts, I have just come back from a wonderful 10-day-long holiday to sunny Gran Canaria.

My holiday style is very laid-back with the main focus on comfort, however I do put a lot of thought into which pieces I pack with me. It is important to be able to mix and match clothes and I don't take any jewellery with me to save space and weight in my 15kg-limit suitcase (a nightmare - I know!). Also, I don't ever wear any make-up when on holiday - this is the time I want my skin to have as good rest as myself :) Except for some oil-free Clinique moisturiser and sunscreen, of course.

Weather in Gran Canaria was brilliant allowing me to wear some of the amazing pieces I had added to my wardrobe during Winter, like a silk shirt from Versace for H&M Cruise collection and my first vintage purchase from American Apparel. I am so tired of all the heavy knits, boots and coats, so it felt absolutely amazing to be able to feel the sun and sea breeze on my skin. More holiday pics to follow soon!

Sequin crown top - Wildfox, available here
Black maxi skirt - Next, available here
White fruit-print top - Versace for H&M Cruise (no longer available)
Denim shorts - Pepe Jeans, available here
White/red print dress - Selected Femme, available here
Denim shirt - American Apparel, available here
Blue rose-print dress - La Redoute, similar here
Beige leaf-print top - vintage
Black shorts - A/Wear, similar here
Black and white top - Zara (no longer available)
 Grey cardigan - Very, available here
Sleeveless yellow scarf-print top - Next, available here
White linen shorts - Next, similar here

Sunday, 6 May 2012

This Week's Lust-Have

I was very excited to hear that America's favourite denim label J Brand has started to design clothing in addition to their much loved jeans. Having previously collaborated with Hussein Chalayan and Proenza Schouler, J Brand's first own clothing line was introduced with Spring 2012 collection and I must say it is rather good! Lilac, black and grey are the colours most featured in the collection and prices ranging from 150 - 1200 € you can be assured of the most luxurious materials and high level of attention to detail.

The first collection is available from very limited retailers, however the brand has huge expansion plans and accessories line, menswear and several flagship store openings are all on the pipeline.

My favourite piece from the collection is this grey silk shirt - can a shirt be any more perfect? It is ideal for a day city trip when teamed with skinny jeans and loafers but will not look out of place for the evening cocktails - just add a pair of glam heels, some bright lipstick and voila! I am really badly obsessed with this blouse - if you happen to work for the brand and would like to send it to me, feel free to email me for my address! ;-D

Makeba Silk Blouse by J Brand - available here

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Free People "Festival Fashion" Lookbook Summer 2012

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to go to festivals much in recent years, exception being the annual Beer Festival in Tallinn which is my must-go event every July. However, me not being much of a festivalista does not deter me from falling in love with what cool people wear at these outdoor events every year. Warm and sunny weather, sunkissed skin and fun loving people really bring out the best boho chic in every fashion loving girl :-)

That's why Free People managed to catch my eye with their latest Festival Fashion Lookbook. The styling is simply spot-on, love all the accessories as well as clothes. The model is stunning - totally perfect for the brand and theme of the lookbook. And I really need these white pants on the last photo!!!