Wednesday, 29 February 2012

This week's lust have

... is this beautiful salmon-coloured dress by Danish designer Malene Birger. A dress is definitely the most versatile piece of clothing - you just throw it on and go! The shape of this dress is perfect for these all-inclusive Summer holidays where you might enjoy the gigantic selection of foreign food just a bit too much :-)  I believe it's a brilliant investment too, as it is a piece that never really goes out of fashion and is so easy to wear!

And look at these irresistible cute (sold-out-everywhere) Miu Miu cherry sandals the clever Net-A-Porter stylists have added to the dress. Can your Summer girl-about-town look be any more perfect?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Style inspiration - Karmen Pedaru

OK, I must admit my obsession with the Estonian model is getting out of hands. Every day I am becoming bigger fan of this strikingly beautiful woman and her style. Models are by far the best off-duty dressers and to think about it, I don't think I have ever seen a picture of a professional fashion model dressed badly (on or off the catwalk stage!).

Karmen mainly wears black but I like the way she cleverly adds a detail of something unexpected to her outfits. I am loving the splash of red boots (picture 7), and my most-favourite-ever Valentino shoes (picture 8). Thanks to Abbey Lee and her I have become rather smitten with a simple black maxidress - I am right now on a hunt to find the perfect one for the upcoming Summer.

Anyway, enough of talking - a picture says more than a thousand words and Karmen - I look forward to enjoying your new off-duty looks once the crazy Fashion Weeks are over ;-)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Marni for H&M - The Best Pieces

Swedish high street giant's upcoming collaboration with print-tastic Italian power house Marni seems to be the most exciting yet. All pieces look really high quality and very Marni - I have no doubt the collection will sell out as fast or even faster than H&M's previous collaborations. Here are the items I so look forward to getting my hands on, collection will be available in selected H&M stores and online on the 8th of March.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The genius of River Island

I know I use the two words " I love" quite a lot in my blog posts but everyone who adores fashion as much as I do knows that most of the time there simply isn't any other word invented that would better describe how you feel about a certain garment. In my personal life I do not throw the word "love" around very often and I guess this is mainly because of the modest and shy nature of Estonian people - we are not very keen to express our feelings verbally. I would say we more like to "show" our affection in acting the certain way or doing certain things rather than saying a rushed "Love ya!" to our loved ones several times a day.

Anyway, you cannot really compare the love you feel for people and the love you feel for material things, however my insane obsession with these River Island boots I saw in the shop today and had to take home with me is difficult to describe in any other way than being totally based on love. These are by far the most incredible boots I have seen in a long time and I am gripping with excitement of wearing them for the first time (and the second, and the third..).

There is not one thing I dislike about these beauties, they are made of faux leather which is huge plus for me, as being an animal lover I am not very keen on real leather products (however - as a fashion addict sometimes leather is unavoidable..). Also the wonderful two-tonal colour (black and cream are so chic together!), golden zip, perfect shape and length heel, low-maintenance and easy to clean material etc. I even adore this little metallic RI logo inside the boots :-) Absolutely fantastic buy and a total bargain at £35!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Winter versus Summer

The Ice Age is over for now and I am sure we are all looking looking forward for the lovely Summer to arrive. Just a few months to go! Although there are so many wonderful perks in living in this beautiful country that is the  UK, the worst of its' qualities is definitely the weather. It's not as much about it being cold or rainy all the time but these constant grey skies and dark days really get me down sometimes. And yes, even in the height of Summer these sunny days are something that have become quite a rarity here.

I love it how British people love the sun so much, they always take the most of it on every sunny day (me included). Roads to beaches and overall coastal destinations are instantly jammed :)

Had a look through some pictures from Summer 2011. What a wonderful Summer that was! It really got me excited about the upcoming Summer when I have quite a few holidays/trips planned which always get me very excited, since I love travelling more than anything else (OK, maybe I love clothes a bit more :).

I thought to share this picture with you which was taken in my back garden last Summer. I adore the background on the photo and especially the beautiful orange rowanberries. The tree lights up my garden every Summer and even just looking at it on the picture puts me in a great mood on this moody Winter day.

Top and shorts by Whistles, necklace and shoes by Next

Sunday, 12 February 2012

THE new toy!

Finally the day has arrived when I have a proper good quality camera in my possession :-) I haven't been able to take decent pictures since I lost my Canon IXUS back in December and I've been searching and looking for the right new camera since.

And I finally found it! Meet my new and shiny Sony NEX C3 - wonderfully small and light, beautifully designed and (apparently) performs as well as most larger and fancier DSLR's. Now I just need to wait for the memory card to arrive from Amazon and here we go! Finally I will be able to post some outfit pictures, as I have so many fab clothes I am dying to share with you ;-)


Friday, 10 February 2012

Label Lust: Chinti and Parker

Die-hard Net-A-Porter fans might be familiar with this fairly new British luxury basics' label Chinti and Parker, established only 3 years ago in October 2009. All clothing is produced ethically in the EU and the label only uses the best quality natural materials such as organic cotton and cashmere. I have the greatest respect for clothing labels who are not here only to make big bucks in the expense of ridiculously under-paid Chinese and Indian workers but care enough to produce their garments ethically, at the same time trying to keep the prices down as much as possible.

I am especially in love with their stripy tees which are so easy to wear with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots in the Winter / sexy shorts and sandals in the Summer. Just look at this supercute striped top with mustard-coloured pockets! Too lovely for words and definitely a must-have.

Here is the pick of my favourite pieces and some beautiful images from their Spring / Summer 2012 lookbook.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dreaming of the Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week starts this week and all the hype surrounding it has brought back memories from the London Fashion Week which I had the pleasure to attend last February. Or to be more exact, it was the Fashion Weekend I attended, since Week is only accessible to magazine editors, buyers and other fashion insiders (boo!).

London Fashion Weekend starts as soon as the curtains close for the Week. It's a fabulous event, held in the Somerset House in London (the same venue where all LFW's happen), where you can purchase beautiful and unique designer items at heavily discounted prices. Last year I managed to buy a dress from a rising young London designer Olivia Rubin who was personally selling her own label clothing. Incredible experience!

Included in the ticket was a 40-minute catwalk show featuring different designers' new collections. Mark Fast was one of the designers showing his latest collection in the show I attended. My first real fashion show!
I am gutted I am unable to go to the event this year, as a dear friend from Estonia will be visiting me that weekend and she is really not into fashion :(unfortunately).  

If anyone has a chance, I would highly recommend this event. Even being able to walk around in the amazing Somerset House is an experience in itself. Here are a few pics from the event last February (uuh, I really wanna go there again!):

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My oh-so-lovely new buys!

Yesterday's trip to my local supermarket turned out to be slightly more exciting than usual, thanks to these 2 items I discovered and simply had to have!

I hadn't come across to the amazing ELLE Collections bi-annual magazine (or more like a book - it's pages are so thick and glossy!) before, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful issue on my supermarket's shelf among other newspapers/magazines. It is definitely one of the best seasonal trend issues I have ever seen with beautiful photoshoots, runway photos and also stunning large images of all the big fashion shows (Chanel, Vuitton, Marc Jacobs etc.). It is not just about models but also about venues, designers and the backstage. Absolutely brilliant, cannot wait for the next issue already (oh, only a 6-month wait!).

I also accidentally happened to pop into my local Next which is located straight next to the supermarket. I found the blouse I had been eyeing up for ages but before I couldn't decide whether it was worth buying, as it seems to be a bit of the kind of piece which next season will look very "last season". In the end I couldn't resist and here it is, hanging beautifully in my ever-so-colorful-this-season wardrobe :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Zara Lookbook Spring 2012

I get very excited about Zara new collections, as it is one of my favourite high street brands. Every time I step into their shop I cannot leave without buying something. I love it how they take inspiration from designer collections but never really copy anyone. The fabrics they use and the finish of their garments is one of the very best quality on the high street.

Judging by this shiny fresh lookbook here, I want every piece in their Spring collection. I am especially in love with the silky blouses - the hazy minty coloured one is just a dream!
Someone, please bring me the Summer just a little bit quicker!