Sunday, 2 September 2012

Paris, day 1 - Versailles

English  When putting together this post I realised I had so many beautiful pictures to share with you that I could actually squeeze more than one post out of my Paris trip. On day one we decided to visit the famous Versailles - once home to the Kings and Queens of France. Versailles Estates are absolutely huge, in addition to the main house there are several square kilometres of stunning gardens and other smaller buildings. I was blown away by the extravagance of the place and I don't think I have ever seen anything so colourful, golden and sparkly before. I have also been inside the Buckingham Palace which is English version of Versailles and although luxurious, it was certainly not as extravagant as Versailles.
The main house was although beautiful, I left my heart at the estates of one my favourite historic figures ever - Marie Antoinette. Marie's houses are much smaller, simpler and located a good 20-minute walk from the main building. The setting is simply idyllic - complete peace and quiet with the only sounds around you were sun-enjoying farm animals and chirping birds. I literally did not want to leave this place and if I lived in Paris I swear I would go there at least once a week to forget about the daily worries and enjoy the relaxation it offers. I highly recommend anyone going to France to take this tour - you will be queuing for a while for the ticket but it is more than worth it!
Anyway, the pictures speak for themselves, so I hope you enjoy! :o)

Eesti Seda posti ettevalmistades mõistsin, et mul on Pariisi reisist nii palju ilusaid pilte, et materjali jagub isegi rohkem kui ühe posti jagu. Esimesel päeval otsustasime külastada kuulsat Versaille'i - koduks kunagistele suurtele Prantsuse kuningatele-kuningannadele. Versaille'i maa-ala on hiigelsuur, lisaks suurele lossile kuulub sinna veel mitu ruutkilomeetrit kauneid aedasid ja mitmeid väiksemaid hooneid. Versaille'i ekstravagantsus lõi mul nii-öelda lausa jalad alt, ma ei ole tõesti mitte kunagi varem näinud nii palju värvilisust, kulda ja karda ühe ehitise sisekujunduses. Olen varem külastanud ka Buckinghami Paleed, mis on nii-öelda Inglise Versailles, ja kuigi luksuslik, ei olnud see kindlasti nii ülepakutud kui Versaille'i loss.
Peahoone oli küll ilus, aga mina jätsin oma südame kuhugi mujale - nimelt Marie Antoinette'i kodukohta, kes on minu üks lemmikumaid ajaloolisi tegelasi. Marie majad olid palju väiksemad ja lihtsamad ning asusid umbes 20-minuti jalutuskäigu kaugusel peahoonest. Antoinette'i kodupaiga ümbrus oli täielik idüll, puhas rahu ja vaikus, taustaks vaid farmiloomade rahulolevad muiged ja linnukeste säutsumine. Ma sõna otseses mõttes keeldusin sellest kohast lahkumast (lõpuks ikkagi pidin!) ja kui elaksin Pariisis, vannun, et külastaksin seda kohta vähemalt kord nädalas, et hetkeks unustada argielu ja nautida tõelist rahu. Soovitan mitte soojalt, vaid lausa kuumalt kõikidel seal kohas ära käia, kel Pariisi millalgi asja - vannun, et need mälestused jäävad igaveseks. Piletijärjekord oli küll pikem kui Carmen Kassi jalg, aga väärt iga oodatud minutit (ee, tundi)!
Aga nüüd siis pildid, mis räägivad endi eest; loodan, et meeldivad! :o)

Arriving at Paris's angry skies

Straight from the plane, wearing my favourite peplum top from ASOS
Disappointed at the lack of French breakfast in our Parisian hotel, so had to opt for the English one
Versailles in all its glory
The giant sculpture of shoes made of saucepans :)
Bedroom of Marie Antoinette - my favourite character from French history
I wasn't actually as moody as I look like - it was just a very windy day! :)
Marie Antoinette's Estate near Versailles - the most beautiful place on earth
Marie Antoinette's little house in the woods 
Bath time :)
The gardener's house. Place so stunning I literally refused to leave and eventually my bf had to drag me out of there ..


  1. Versailles is one of the most beautiful palaces that I´ve visited, I´m glad you´re able to see it. :)

  2. Your photos are stunning and bring back memories of my visit to Versailles a few years ago. It's such a breathtaking place. I love the giant shoe made of pans - how very creative!

  3. Marie Antoinettes bedroom was so gorgeous!

  4. Oh, I'm so envious of all those amazing places you've been to, wow!

  5. Beautiful photos!
    I love your peplum top :)

  6. So jealous you got to go!! Paris is my favorite city and I really miss it! You look great in the photos too! PS. I'd love it if you could come visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  7. appi-appi, kui armas sinine ja lipsuga peplum särk! sobib suurepäraselt :)

  8. omg versailles is absolutely stunning! i wish that i would go there someday too! and your shot makes me crave ice-cream so bad right now <3
    would you like to follow each other?

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  9. I think your blog is very sophisticated and chic - that's why I check out every post and am subscribed!


  10. Suurepärased pildid. Sa oleksid nagu muinasjutus käinud. Mind tabas mõnus nostalgia ja ma tahan sinna tagasi :)

  11. Vaimustavad pildid toesti! :)
    ps! su kaekott on vaga kena, kui tohib kusida kust selle ostsid?


    1. Suured aitah'id :) Kaekott on parit H&Mist.