Friday, 8 June 2012

J W Anderson for Aldo Rise

English  I went on a bit of a shoe splurge the other day, as when browsing the endless pages of ASOS I was thrilled to discover some amazing pairs of shoes sold at 50% off. I have had my eye on J W Anderson's collection for Aldo Rise since it first came out but didn't feel comfortable with paying £125 for a pair of shoes.

To my massive delight, the collection is now 50% off, so I went ahead and bought 2 pairs for the price of one :-) I just couldn't decide which ones I liked more, so I got both. I must say these are not the most comfortable shoes but I am hoping once worn in they will feel nicer on feet. However, comfort can sometimes be sacrificed - the shoes are just so beautiful and sexy! I am a huge fan of pointy toes, in my opinion it is the best and most flattering shoe shape. So, which pair do you like more? ;-)

Eesti  Juhtusin yhel ilusal paeval ASOSes ringi luusima ning oma suureks roomuks avastasin, et yks minu viimase aja lemmikumaid kingakollektsioone oli nyyd saadaval paris kopsaka allahindlusega. J W Andersoni kollektsioon Rootsi kingabrandile Aldo jai mulle silma niipea, kui esimesed artiklid sellest siinses ajakirjanduses ilmuma hakkasid. Ei tahtnud aga eriti valja kaia £125 yhe kingapaari eest, seega nii-oelda leppisin sellega, et tuleb kingakesi vaid piltide pealt imetleda.

Kollektsioon on nyyd 50% alla hinnatud, seega olin kohe ulakas ja tellisin kaks paari, kuna ei suutnud otsustada, milline paar mulle rohkem meeldib :-s Kahjuks ei ole need kingad just koige mugavamad, aga loodan, et kui jalad ara harjuvad, laheb asi veidi paremaks. Nojah, tegelikult voib ju vahel mugavust natuke ohverdada - no te vaid vaadake, kui kaunid ja seksikad need kingad on! Mulle tohutult meeldivad terava otsaga kingad - nii korge, kui ka madala kontsaga. Milline paar on Sinu lemmik? ;-)

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  1. The shoes looks cute and lovely.

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  2. love these shoes. you have a great blog, we should follow each other!!!

  3. Wow the shoes are so pretty! Got to get me a pair!

  4. loving your blog, keep it up!


  5. lust both!! So fun and perfect for summer :) Great blog- following you!

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  8. Aldo kingad on väga head. Mul on mitmeid paare, pluss käekotte. Aga minu lemmikud on esimesed.