Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crazy times.

English  I have been away again for what it seems like ages... For the record, I started my new job this Monday and stayed in London for the whole week. Will also stay there for the next 3 weeks with no internet. It feels kind of good, as there is soo much to learn in my new role and I need to fully concentrate on it. Also, at the same time I am selling my house in Cambridge and buying a new one in London so you can only imagine how I am running around like a headless chicken right now! But there are good times ahead, so I am super excited :-)

I am trying to get some outfit posts done asap, as I have so many exciting buys and finds I cannot wait to show you. Being away 5 days a week with no internet makes it kinda difficult but stay tuned! In between, I am caressing your eyes with this stunning picture of my fav model Karmen Pedaru from Gucci Resort 2013 collection. The dress is too stunning for words - how perfect is it for a lunch with girls in the city? Love!

Eesti  Olen jallegi blogist monda aega eemal olnud, kyll mitte paris vabatahtlikult. Alustasin nimelt esmaspaeval oma uut tood ning seega viibisin terve nadal Londonis, kuhu lahen ka jargmiseks kolmeks nadalaks ning hotellis ei ole netti! No tegelikult ikka on, aga £15 iga paeva eest ei viitsi eriti maksta, seega olengi netitu :-) Samas on see hea, kuna uue too koolitus on megaintensiivne ja oppida on nii-nii palju, et peangi 100%-liselt sellele keskenduma. Samuti myysin just maha oma maja Cambridge's ning hetkel on kasil uue ost Londonis, seega uus too, uus linn, uus maja - voite ette kujutada, kui segamini on minu pea :-) Aga koik liigub selle poole, et ootamas on vaga monusad ajad, kui see crazyness ykskord labi saab.

Yritan teha paar outfiti posti asap, kuna mul on niii palju monusaid riideid ja aksessuaare kogunenud, mida koike tahaksin vaga teiega jagada. Olles hetkel kodust ara 5 paeva nadalas ilma arvutita raskendab blogiga tegelemist ikka heasti kuid palun varuge kannatust! Vahepeal aga pakun teile pisut silmailu alloleva foto labi, millel ilutseb meie oma kaunis Karmen Pedaru. Karmen kannab imeilusat lillelist kleiti Gucci Resort 2013 kollektsioonist. See kleidike on lihtsalt liiga taiuslik, mida paremat kanda suures linnas tydrukutega lounatama minnes? Love!


  1. Wow, congrats! Good luck with all your projects!

  2. Best of luck, lovely photograph
    I would love to do a style interview with you. Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at:, or you can comment back with your email! I hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Nice post!!
    Love your blog!!!

  4. Karmen on lihtsalt imeline. Edu Sulle ja väga ootan outfiti postitusi ning mõnusaid aksessuaare!

  5. that's a pretty cool picture!!

  6. Perfect dress with the perfect background.


  8. lovee the dress tremendously. thanks for your comment on my blog before. i done follow you back :))