Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Isabel Marant High-Street Finds

Some posts back I wrote about my frustration of not being able to afford the clothes designed by some of my favourite designers. I don't even always buy Vogue for the reason of drooling over all these amazing designer clothes and knowing that the only pleasure these garments ever give me is looking good and shining on a glossy paper. Even though high fashion has always been very expensive which is due to exclusive materials and exquisite craftmanship, I just cannot ever justify paying £1000 for a top or £5000 for a jacket. Even if I earned 10 times as much as I earn now.

Isabel Marant is a designer I seriously admire. She has an amazing ability and talent to create absolutely perfect (yes - perfect - which means it cannot get any better!) off-duty wear. I am totally obsessed with her and can say that she is the only designer whose collections I cannot wait to see every season. I once went to London Liberty store specifically to touch one of her jumpers.. How sad is that? :-)

To any other IM fans out there who are in a similar situation/frustration as me I wanted to show the 2 items I have found on the high street which are pretty similar to original Marant' designs. One of them is a fringed jumper I have been lusting over for ages - the same one I went to touch in Liberty :) And another one is a beautiful boho-style Summer top which I would gladly exchange my cat for (OK, maybe just half of the cat!). Needless to say, I have just placed orders for both of these cut-price beauties and even though they will never replace the real Marant, I can still wear a piece of her idea.

Topshop version available here

La Redoute version available here


  1. cute!!!

  2. Love your blog dear!
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  3. I saw that Topshop jumper today! I was surprised at how similar they looked.

    Fashion Dawgs

  4. You are so right!

  5. Good Post ,love the Topshop Pullover :)

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  6. cute!!!

  7. Topshop'i kudum on küll to buy listis :)

  8. ooo i love that topshop sweater the best!

  9. Interesting post..i love topshop :D

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  10. I love those :)
    topshop is great!

  11. I actually prefer the Topshop jumper! Fantastic post xx

  12. Cool!