Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Winter versus Summer

The Ice Age is over for now and I am sure we are all looking looking forward for the lovely Summer to arrive. Just a few months to go! Although there are so many wonderful perks in living in this beautiful country that is the  UK, the worst of its' qualities is definitely the weather. It's not as much about it being cold or rainy all the time but these constant grey skies and dark days really get me down sometimes. And yes, even in the height of Summer these sunny days are something that have become quite a rarity here.

I love it how British people love the sun so much, they always take the most of it on every sunny day (me included). Roads to beaches and overall coastal destinations are instantly jammed :)

Had a look through some pictures from Summer 2011. What a wonderful Summer that was! It really got me excited about the upcoming Summer when I have quite a few holidays/trips planned which always get me very excited, since I love travelling more than anything else (OK, maybe I love clothes a bit more :).

I thought to share this picture with you which was taken in my back garden last Summer. I adore the background on the photo and especially the beautiful orange rowanberries. The tree lights up my garden every Summer and even just looking at it on the picture puts me in a great mood on this moody Winter day.

Top and shorts by Whistles, necklace and shoes by Next


  1. Great outfit and photo! Like your hair. :)

  2. I can't wat for summer!