Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dreaming of the Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week starts this week and all the hype surrounding it has brought back memories from the London Fashion Week which I had the pleasure to attend last February. Or to be more exact, it was the Fashion Weekend I attended, since Week is only accessible to magazine editors, buyers and other fashion insiders (boo!).

London Fashion Weekend starts as soon as the curtains close for the Week. It's a fabulous event, held in the Somerset House in London (the same venue where all LFW's happen), where you can purchase beautiful and unique designer items at heavily discounted prices. Last year I managed to buy a dress from a rising young London designer Olivia Rubin who was personally selling her own label clothing. Incredible experience!

Included in the ticket was a 40-minute catwalk show featuring different designers' new collections. Mark Fast was one of the designers showing his latest collection in the show I attended. My first real fashion show!
I am gutted I am unable to go to the event this year, as a dear friend from Estonia will be visiting me that weekend and she is really not into fashion :(unfortunately).  

If anyone has a chance, I would highly recommend this event. Even being able to walk around in the amazing Somerset House is an experience in itself. Here are a few pics from the event last February (uuh, I really wanna go there again!):


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