Friday, 20 January 2012

This week's lust have

Sometimes when I have a bit of free time, I love scouring the internet and flicking through my favourite online fashion stores. I don’t actually recommend it, as at least once a week I always come across to something I fall madly in love with and cannot get out of my head until the item is in my hands or has sold out.

Like the neon yellow Marni necklace I loved so much. I thought about it every day (sad, I know!) and almost bought it on several occasions. Yet, in the end I could not justify spending nearly £200 on a necklace, so I hinted it to my bf as a present suggestion for my upcoming birthday in March. Unfortunately, exactly a day after I showed him the necklace, it was sold out on net-a-porter :’-(
I must admit I still have a tiny little hope left in my heart that it was him who bought the last one, but knowing him I highly doubt about it..

Anyway, I will most probably need to forget about it and move on. And I have found the new love!!! Diane von Furstenberg is one of the most legendary American designers and I find some to-die-for pieces in her every collection. Pastels is a huge trend for S/S 2012 and I cannot think of anything more delicious than this lush pastel pink silk top from DvF latest cruise collection. Perfect for my trip to the Canary Islands in April! I just hope that by the time I have gotten over its price tag it is still available to buy :-)


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  2. Such a lovely blog! love it!))
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  3. I follow you back :)
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  4. Oh I hate that as well! Do you remember the Miu Miu cherry sandals I posted?! They are sold out in my size on Net A Porter already :( Will look through the stores next weekend...

    And what can I say about this blouse?! It is just delicious!

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous :) xx