Monday, 9 January 2012

I Love Wildfox

Wildfox Couture has been one of my favourite American labels for quite a while now. Their amazing fabrics and fun but very wearable designs won my heart the moment I first laid an eyes on one of their T-shirts on ASOS. The label was founded by two childhood friends from LA who say that their brand is based on love and having fun!

 At the moment I own around 10 pieces of their clothing and could not believe my eyes when I saw their latest White Label collection - too stunning for words! I really want every single item in that collection. Just see yourself, I am sure you will fall in love too and by the time you finish looking through these pictures, I guarantee you will be looking dreamily out of the window without even noticing it (in case you are near the window, of course :-). Enjoy...


  1. Love Wild Fox also, Great post :)

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  3. Ive never hear of te brand but I am delighted that you have showed it because I'm def digging the slouchy t shirts

  4. That hair colour is the coolest and so are those ballet-platforms!

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