Sunday, 29 January 2012

Carmen Kass for Gucci Spring 2003

At the time this campaign came out, I was wearing Nike tracksuits and had never heard of Chanel (which seems like a long long time ago).
However, I can't help but gasp at how modern this Gucci campaign is, considering it was nearly 10 years ago. And so VERY sexy! Clothes featured are so wearable - I would easily wear every piece in this shoot.

The campaign features another successful Estonian model Carmen Kass who, I must say, hasn't aged a day and is still a regular in many major fashion shows and high fashion ad campaigns. Unsurprisingly, the campaign came out when Gucci was under creative leadership of certain Mr Ford - no way their current big boss Frida Giannini would allow ladies' private parts to be shown so revealingly :) But I like the shots - they are very different but still clearly show Gucci's unmistakable glamour.


  1. cute!!!

  2. the flowered bag is soooo niceee!
    nice blog anneli :D


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  4. Karmen Kass is fabulous!!!
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  5. this was soo polemic! i remember :)
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  7. Well of course that this was timeless and sexual to-boot! It was from the Tom Ford reign at Gucci!

    I actually remember this campaign so well- it was from the time that I used to memorise magazines at boarding school haha

  8. Oh I loved that campaign...shocking yet fabulous!