Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!
Head Uut Aastat!
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta!
С Новым Годом!
Glückliches Neues Jahr!
З Новим Pоком!
Feliz Ano Novo!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Dream jeans

I am currently in mourning.. I know I should be happy, feeling festive and looking forward to another year which, I am sure, will be the best of them all.

The reason I am sad is this pair of absolutely amazing River Island printed jeans. I missed out on them when they first appeared in RI shops and on their website. I also missed out on them on ASOS which is quite unbelievable, as not a day goes by without me checking out my favourite online store. And now I cannot find them anymore, not even on eBay which cannot be because everything can be found on eBay! :-(

I have't fallen in love so badly with a pair of jeans for a long time, if ever. The print in incredible and the colours featured in it go with everything! I can only imagine myself wearing them with black ankle boots and slightly oversized black jumper with a chunky red & black necklace.. A heaven... which I will never get to..

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Back from Dublin

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas has gone this year. I only just arrived in Ireland in the morning of the 24th of December and now I am already back home. What a wonderful time of the year this is when you spend time with the dearest to you, stuff your face with the most incredible food and simply laze around on the sofa watching cute Christmas movies.

I have been to Dublin several times before and despite having the most miserable climate and a constant lack of sunshine it is the place I have always loved very dearly. One of the reasons is one of my best girlfriends living there but also genuinely friendly and welcoming Irish people, excellent shopping (oh Brown Thomas on the Grafton Street and A/Wear - my favourite Irish high street brand), supercool bars / restaurants and breathtaking nature.

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to take many pictures on my trip, as most of my time was spent in my friend's beautiful house in a small town called Clara. I also managed to lose my camera at my work Christmas party a few weeks ago (got a bit too excited by all the free wine :P), so had to use the trusty iphone instead. But I guess losing the camera is a sign that I need to upgrade and get a better one :-)

I would also like to thank you all my dear readers - it does mean a lot to me that someone bothers to actually read what I write! I enjoy writing this blog immensely and if I didn't have a fairly demanding day job (not to do with fashion though!) I would spend so much more time on it. I try to be better in 2012 though - promise ;-) xx

Oh all the presents :-) Looks like we were all good this year, as Santa was very generous!

Ridiculously delicious authentic Estonian Christmas dinner - roast pork and potatoes with sour cabbage - oh my God how good!!!

Found this random display on one of the shop windows in Dublin. Absolutely love it - quite controversial and rest assured I adore our Queen but it makes me kind of giggle :D

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a fantastically fashionable New Year to all my beautiful fashionistas! Love you all xx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Please put models back on magazine covers!

I am sure I am not the only person in the World who would like to see real fashion models on the covers of fashion magazines. I am very disappointed with magazine editors thinking that the only thing that sells nowadays is celebrity, putting singers, actresses and not-even-sure-what-esses (Alexa Chung?) on their covers. Even the ultimate fashion bible Vogue has gone down that route, featuring the likes of Cheryl Cole, Vanessa Paradis and Emma Watson on its 2011 covers.

When I buy a fashion magazine, it obviously means that I am interested in fashion and I buy this magazine because I want to look at beautiful photo shoots and drool over amazing garments, hand picked by experienced stylists and fashion editors. I don’t want to see another pouting actress or Z-list celebrity gushing about their latest venture. If I want to read about celebs, I buy National Enquirer or Heat magazine, not Vogue or In Style.

The only stunning model covers I remember from this year were Grazia’s Big Fashion Issue in September, In Style December cover with Iris Strubegger, Vogue May issue with Natalia Vodianova and Company High Street Edit Spring/Summer 2011 cover featuring an unknown (to me) model. That’s it! Of course there were more but these are the ones that came to mind first, meaning they left the biggest impression for me.

I am not sure why this is but probably simply because of our current celebrity culture. Gossip magazines sell like hot cakes and I am guessing the fashion industry wants to get a chunk of that demand. I have previously expressed my dislike about famous people becoming overnight fashion designers and beauty gurus, now they have even taken over my magazines!

What do you, dear readers think? Do you agree with me or do you like seeing celebs on your monthly glossies covers?  

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Grabbing a minute

Oh, I am terribly sorry for the lack of posts lately. December is such a busy month that I haven't had time for anything! Just got back from my company's Christmas event in Amsterdam, soon heading off to spend Christmas in Dublin and New Year in Tallinn. I so look forward to having some time off work to spend it with people who are the most important to me in my life. Living in the UK I rarely see my friends and family, so I am very excited about it all!

Even though I have been so busy lately, I have managed to grab a minute to add to my ever-growing wardrobe. Latest buys are these supercute jumpers from Topshop. Due to arrive any time now :-)

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The beauty of Leopard

Finally, most of my Christmas presents are sorted after scouring I'd say about 90% of all shops in Cambridge :) Today was the first proper cold day this Winter and I must say I rather enjoyed it, as I have found it difficult to have any Christmas feelings so far due to such warm and Spring-like weather. And for the first time this season I was able to wear my favourite cover-up - faux fur leopard print coat I bought from New Look last year. I love this coat so much, it's so warm, cosy and looks good too! It was such a bargain at £40, is serving me well for the second season and I am sure will last for many more years to come. Sometimes I have to agree with the saying "you get what you pay for", however the Great British High Street has surprised me sometimes with affordable pieces made in such good quality fabrics and finish. Like these black boots I am wearing on the photo - £12 from Primark, again bought last Winter. I have worn these to death and they still look so good!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Leather lust

Not sure why but I have never been a fan of leather jackets or long leather trousers. The only leather items I used to accept in my wardrobe were handbags, shoes/boots and watch straps. However, I have had to change my mind this season after falling in love with tops and shorts made of this, sometimes a bit controversial, material. Acne metallic colour block leather top is absolutely to die for (similar available at ASOS) and I am sure looks fantastic teamed with skinny black trousers, killer ankle boots and neutral-coloured faux fur jacket.
And shorts.. Just purchased a pair of rather real looking faux leather A/Wear ones (if possible, I always go faux) - perfect with tights in Winter!

Monday, 5 December 2011

J for Jumpers

In one of my previous posts I briefly mentioned my overwhelming love for a particular piece of clothing - jumper. I am obsessed with them and cannot get enough. Some people are addicted to drugs, others to alcohol, sleeping pills or another person.. I can say that I am addicted to jumpers :) Meaning I cannot leave a clothes shop without buying one. This year alone, I have added about 10 new jumpers to my wardrobe and am not yet planning to stop..

Jumper, in my opinion, is the most comfortable thing you can wear. And it is so easy to wear as well - just throw it over a good pair of jeans, add a pair of sexy ankle boots and voila! There are so many ubercool sweaters around this season that I just couldn't stop at one or two. The latest addition to my overflowing wardrobe is a H! by Henry Holland piece I got from Debenhams this weekend. It is just so cute, although not very warm. Well, soon there will be Spring again and out it comes!

Here are some of my jumper collection, the ones I have bought this year:


And, I am ending the post with 2 babies my budget currently unfortunately does not stretch to :( Jumpers so perfect I would swear to never sin again in exchange of at least of of them! :D

Stella McCartney                                                                     Isabel Marant

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Supermodel Karlie Kloss goes nude for Italian Vogue

I cannot stop staring at this incredibly beautiful and tasteful nude image of American model Karlie Kloss, featured in Italian Vogue's January issue. Just look at this wonderfully looked after, trained body. I am tired of people accusing models of eating disorders and for encouraging young girls to starve themselves, as in most cases I am sure this is simply not true.

As Karlie shows, models are not all anorectics and bulimics. This girl looks anything but!! They work hard to maintain their figures and this is what modelling is all about. I want to see beautiful people in magazines!

Fashion magazines also get constantly critizised for airbrushing and photoshopping images, however I am certainly not interested in seeing spotty faces and cellulite thighs in Vogue. Even though I know most people featured in these magazines probably suffer from both. Flicking through my favourite glossies allows me to escape from the real world for just a bit and enjoy these amazing works of art that are fashion shoots.

I salute to Vogue for this wonderful shoot of Karlie - just fantastic to look at!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Impatiently waiting

... for these ASOS babies to arrive. Pure perfection and true love from the first sight.
I have started to realise that the only reason I like cold seasons are the amazing clothes/footwear I can wear. Soft cosy jumpers, comfy but sexy ankle booties, huge warm scarves... mmm these sound much more romantic than cotton Summer dresses or soulless flip-flops.

PS. I am having a new haircut this weekend, so a brand new little photoshoot is coming soon showcasing some of my recent purchases ;-)

Outfit of the day

One of my favourite fashion blogs at the moment is, written by Norwegian former model Hanneli Mustaparta. The girl looks incredible and dresses just too well! Hanneli also contributes to and last year her blog was chosen as one of the most influential by American Vogue.

Such an inspiration and I like that she prefers to show very wearable clothes. Just look at this fantastic Autumn look (or is it Winter? Doesn't look or feel like it anyway:). Just looking at these clothes makes me feel happy! :D