Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Is Kate Middleton's style too "safe" and boring?

I must admit that I'm a huge fan of the Duchess. I even went to see her wedding dress on display in Buckingham Palace which, I must admit, was a fantastic experience (it was not just the dress but I could walk around in all of the Palace's communal royal rooms).

I like Kate mainly because she has no aristocratic roots and she was an ordinary girl living ordinary life until she fell in love with a prince.. She seems friendly, approachable and very down to earth - just like princess Diana was (and who wouldn't have loved Di?).

Ever since Kate and William's engagement was announced, I have followed her life in the British media. And British media went mad about her instantly, putting her on the cover of almost every magazine and newspaper. She is pretty, always smiling and people find her interesting - like a breath of fresh air into the (previously a bit boring) Royal Family.

I have recently come across to many stories in the media accusing Kate of dressing too "safely" and not taking enough fashion risks. I must admit that I love the way she dresses - not my style but suits her and her position perfectly. I think it's quite nice that she wears mostly high street and recycles her outfits regularly. As someone living off taxpayer's money I think this is a pretty nice gesture.

I personally cannot wait for her next outing and dress choice. Here are some of her outfits I would definitely not call "boring":


... and of course:
The most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen :-)

Monday, 29 August 2011

Estonia has chosen its president today...

Today is the historical day of my lovely homeland choosing their president for the next 4 years.

The lucky winner turned out to be Toomas Hendrik Ilves who was selected for the second time in a row.

To be honest, I don't really read Estonian news and haven't been since I moved to the UK 7 years ago but I'm glad that today I happened to accidentally open the local news site, as everyone should probably know who is leading their home country :-P

I don't have an opinion on Mr Ilves, as I just don't know much about him or the way he has been leading Estonia.

But I found this fabulous picture in the internet about Mr President making out with his platinum-blonde-haired wifey. What a fabulous photo - I don't think I have ever seen any presidents swapping tongues with their other halves before :D  Rather odd I think and doesn't quite look right, a bit like seeing my parents kissing :-O

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Cindy's still got it!

I was delighted to find out that my all time favourite supermodel Cindy Crawford is gracing the cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore September 2011 issue. How hot does she look on the cover? She is 45 years old! I think I look older than her and I am only 28!!

I have already scoured eBay and placed an order for this wonderful magazine - cannot wait to receive it.

There are two different covers, my favourite being the one she's wearing that black Vuitton fetish-dress..
Soo sexy! :P

Well, helloo :-)

Making my grand entrance to the world of Blogs. Been playing with the thought of starting my own for a while just to vent myself and escape from my usual world of routine and work. Even if no-one ever reads it I will still continue writing it for its mildly therapeutic influence to myself  (:

So, what do I, an ordinary girl born and bred in the wonderful country of Estonia and currently residing in the UK, have to write about?

I adore fashion and everything surrounding it - clothes, accessories, models, designers, magazines... I could not live without my weekly / monthly glossies and add to my ever-growing wardrobe every week. A bit of an addict really!! So, this is what I will be writing about - clothes, gossip, anything that interests me and a little bit about myself! Not too much though, I promise ;-)

Lastly, I would like to present you with a massive thank you for taking time to read my new baby-blog.
If I am lucky enough to deserve your return to this blog, I promise not to bore you to death :D

Much love,
quiinEst xoxo