Monday, 5 December 2011

J for Jumpers

In one of my previous posts I briefly mentioned my overwhelming love for a particular piece of clothing - jumper. I am obsessed with them and cannot get enough. Some people are addicted to drugs, others to alcohol, sleeping pills or another person.. I can say that I am addicted to jumpers :) Meaning I cannot leave a clothes shop without buying one. This year alone, I have added about 10 new jumpers to my wardrobe and am not yet planning to stop..

Jumper, in my opinion, is the most comfortable thing you can wear. And it is so easy to wear as well - just throw it over a good pair of jeans, add a pair of sexy ankle boots and voila! There are so many ubercool sweaters around this season that I just couldn't stop at one or two. The latest addition to my overflowing wardrobe is a H! by Henry Holland piece I got from Debenhams this weekend. It is just so cute, although not very warm. Well, soon there will be Spring again and out it comes!

Here are some of my jumper collection, the ones I have bought this year:


And, I am ending the post with 2 babies my budget currently unfortunately does not stretch to :( Jumpers so perfect I would swear to never sin again in exchange of at least of of them! :D

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  1. This is probably my favorite garment :) except where I'm from we call them sweaters! Cute blog :)