Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Back from Dublin

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas has gone this year. I only just arrived in Ireland in the morning of the 24th of December and now I am already back home. What a wonderful time of the year this is when you spend time with the dearest to you, stuff your face with the most incredible food and simply laze around on the sofa watching cute Christmas movies.

I have been to Dublin several times before and despite having the most miserable climate and a constant lack of sunshine it is the place I have always loved very dearly. One of the reasons is one of my best girlfriends living there but also genuinely friendly and welcoming Irish people, excellent shopping (oh Brown Thomas on the Grafton Street and A/Wear - my favourite Irish high street brand), supercool bars / restaurants and breathtaking nature.

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to take many pictures on my trip, as most of my time was spent in my friend's beautiful house in a small town called Clara. I also managed to lose my camera at my work Christmas party a few weeks ago (got a bit too excited by all the free wine :P), so had to use the trusty iphone instead. But I guess losing the camera is a sign that I need to upgrade and get a better one :-)

I would also like to thank you all my dear readers - it does mean a lot to me that someone bothers to actually read what I write! I enjoy writing this blog immensely and if I didn't have a fairly demanding day job (not to do with fashion though!) I would spend so much more time on it. I try to be better in 2012 though - promise ;-) xx

Oh all the presents :-) Looks like we were all good this year, as Santa was very generous!

Ridiculously delicious authentic Estonian Christmas dinner - roast pork and potatoes with sour cabbage - oh my God how good!!!

Found this random display on one of the shop windows in Dublin. Absolutely love it - quite controversial and rest assured I adore our Queen but it makes me kind of giggle :D


  1. Cute photos. I hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed Dublin!

    Fashion Dawgs

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