Sunday, 13 November 2011

When the sun is out, I am out

Sun is my number one favourite thing in the world. Unfortunately seeing this favourite thing of mine is quite a rare occurence here in the UK, so when it does make the rare appearance it is always extra special.

Today the sun was out. After at least 2-3 weeks I would say. I always think that I should have been born in Spain, Egypt, Brazil or anywhere where it is (almost) always sunny, as I am just so happy when it's sunny outside. And despite planning to spend a quiet Sunday at home, on the sofa watching TV and reading magazines, I could not help but take a trip to town - Cambridge - and of course - combine it with one of my favourite activities - shopping :-)

Cambridge is so pretty in Autumn - all these colourful trees and fallen leaves on the grass make the city so beautiful and inviting. I was so angry with myself for not taking camera with me today (or borrowing my BF's iphone), as I missed some amazing shots.

Anyway, I did manage to get some pics done at home, before the town. I am obsessed with oversized jumpers and today I was wearing one of my best ones:

Jumper -  Fashion Union, shorts - Pepe Jeans, suede loafers - La Redoute

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