Sunday, 27 November 2011

Style inspiration - Sienna Miller

I don't usually buy clothes only because I have seen a certain celebrity wearing something (similar). If I see something in a shop, I know instantly whether I would wear it or not and if I love it enough I go ahead and buy it without thinking about it too much.

Recently, I have come across some candid photos of British actress Sienna Miller and discovered that she wears a lot of stuff what I like and her style is very similar to mine. Lazy, slouchy, not-too-put-together off duty looks in grey-black-white-brown are very me and by looking at more and more images of her I find her looks totally inspiring.

In additional to all these great clothes I think she looks incredibly pretty - naturally - by not wearing much make-up, such as myself. Just look at these pics - so beautiful!


  1. i love sienna miller, her style is very grunge!

  2. she is so stylish. i love her style! whatever she wears, she looks amazing, doesn't she? thanks for featuring her on this post. inspired. :) your have a lovely blog, anneli. i am following now... and maybe you'll have time to visit me. :) cheers from usa!