Thursday, 13 October 2011

Santa, please take a hint!

OMG, I have just gone into the fashion heaven.. or to be more exact - handbag heaven :-)

You only have to look at this personalised Louis Vuitton Speedy with my initials on it! I would cut off my right arm for it. DreamDreamDream... <3

LV Speedy 35 Handbag £650 at

I have not always been a massive fan of Speedy or in fact, any of the LV monogrammed bags. I always thought them to be a bit too flashy with such a dominant LV logo.

However, the more I have read about LV and it's history, the more it has made me realise how iconic this brand and its logo really are. Speedy bag was first introduced in 1930s and is still being produced today. 

I do think now that every girl should own a piece of Vuitton and this yummy sweet monogrammed beauty is certainly on top of my wish-list!

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