Friday, 28 October 2011

a piece of India..

Due to the nature of my everyday job, I am away from home a lot visiting different cities, towns and villages in the South of UK. Last week, whilst grabbing a quick lunch between client meetings in a lovely historic town of Farnham, I happened to pass a random market stall where a lady sat alone on this rather chilly October day. She was selling jewellery. Seeing her sitting there made me kind of feel a bit sorry for her - it was a beautiful sunny day but really cold and having to sit there hours and hours must not have left very nice..

Therefore, I decided to approach her, say hello and take a peek of what she had to offer. "Have you made these yourself?" I asked. "No," she replied with a warm smile on her face, "we import these from India". And then I spotted this - the most stunning necklace I had seen in a long time! It's so simple but exactly what I have been looking for for a while. A large bird pendant with wings wide open. It looks a bit rough, like it had been made in a rush and not with much care and effort but that's exactly how I like it (I do like weird things :-)!  Here it is - my new little treasure:

As a wise man once said:

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