Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bring on Versace for H&M !

I am beyond excited about the latest H&M collaboration with one of the most legendary Italian fashion houses Versace. H&M's previous collaboration with Lanvin resulted in me waking up at 7am on the day of the launch to get my hands on at least one piece on H&M website but the collection sold out in minutes and I was left with nothing.. I then had no other option but grab a lifeline of eBay and fortunately got a T-shirt I was after:

Versace for H&M collection seems to be one of the best of H&M collaborations and I am dying to know how H&M persuaded such an iconic designer brand to agree sell their pieces (sort of "their" pieces) for high street prices. Of course, quality of fabrics and other materials used on these high street collaborations are not even comparable to designers' original pieces but designs are provided by the fashion house. On my Lanvin for H&M shirt some sequins and fake jewels fell off after the first wear (OK, I did fall asleep in it after a good night out:).. It didn't stop me from sewing them back on though :) The shirt cost £29, compared to around £400 what Lanvin charges for its original. I guess is goes without saying - you really get what you pay for!

The full collection of Versace for H&M has not yet been revealed but here are some teasing images which I think give a good indication of what the whole collection will look like:


Collection will be available on and in selected H&M stores worldwide from the 17th of November 2011.


  1. Oi kurja kui nurjatult head....

  2. Jah kalli, olen sinuga nous! Annaks jumal, et mul onnestub sellest ka osa saada, raudselt myyb valja minutitega :(