Wednesday, 28 September 2011

You are wearing WHAT???

Most people like writing about the things they love. I thought to do something a bit different and list all these clothes / footwear I would never touch in the shop. Without a doubt - some people look fantastic rocking them (the only exception being fur - no-one looks good in a corpse), however I am so not one of those people.
So - here is the list:

FUR - the most horrific and disgusting thing in fashion. I wouldn't wear a tiny piece of it even if I was naked in Antarctica. Any designer showing fur in their collection will not ever see me parting with my hard-earned cash in exchange of a garment of theirs!  

BODY-CON DRESS - screams TRASHY! Or maybe I'm just jealous that I don't have the perfect figure to pull it off :D

CROCS - need I say any more? Horrendous.

DENIM JACKET - looks incredibly cool on many people and I can't really put my finger on why I don't like it.. But I don't and I do not ever intend to add it to my wardrobe.

PLATFORM SHOES - OK, I admit the ones on this picture are beyond uglyness, however I have never liked platform soled shoes or boots, no matter how fashionable or trendy.

WIDE LEGGED TROUSERS - these make the wearer look like she has just lost half a ton of weight and has been wearing these all the way - without ever taking them off :D

BIKER BOOTS - as by their name - should only be worn by bikers

TRAINERS - should only be worn by sportpeople whilst doing sports!

DUNGAREES - are you pregnant? Thought so - so stay clear!

MAXI SKIRT - I don't hate it, as when styled right it can look fab. I just don't love it either :s

COWBOY BOOTS - should only be worn by cowboys in old American movies.

FLARED JEANS - I have no interest in ever looking like Frida from ABBA

OK, enough now of all this moaning. Back soon on a much more positive note! ;-)


  1. 9ga 12st olen nõus :D

  2. tahaks iga asja juurde like panna :D

  3. So true about body con dresses!! I guess only Nicole Kidman can make it look classy (with a longer hemline I guess!)This trends needs to go away in 2012!