Thursday, 8 September 2011

Why is Kim Kardashian famous??

I am rather annoyed with people without any talent being famous and cashing in for their "own-branded" goods.

Like America's favourite rich socialite/reality star (?) Kim Kardashian. I am struggling to understand why she is so famous? For having a curvy bum? Mine is quite round as well. For wearing nice clothes? I've got 2 wardrobes full of nice clothes. I'm struggling to understand why the hell do people buy fragrances, eyeshadows and other potions simply because it has Ms Kardashian's name on it? I find it absolutely ridiculous.

Proper cosmetics companies spend years developing and testing every product they bring on the market. These brands have top scientists working for them to make sure every single ingredient is thoroughly tested. Why would anyone buy a cheaply mass produced lipstick with Katie Price's "branding" printed on it? It doesn't make any sense to me.

All these celebrities don't think about benefits to your skin - all they think about is cashing in for their fame.
Well, I don't want Paris Hilton's latest perfume or Jennifer Lopez's body lotion - give me Chanel or Nivea any time!

Ms Kardashian is often described as a "terrific business woman". Give me a break!! She has not worked her ass off for years to build a successful business empire, like well-known lady-entrepreneurs Hilary Devey or Jacqueline Gold.

In fact, if she disappeared from magazines which have made her so famous, I believe the World would lose absolutely nothing..

"Business woman" Kim Kardashian
The real Kim - I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this photo =D


  1. That is so true. But when do you s'pose her fame will fade? I keep wondering that. The hype surrounding Hilary Duff disappeared a few years back. Hil lasted like 2 years. I wonder how long she will last.

  2. OMG! you took words out of my mouth! This whole family is so talent less and only 'famous' for being cheap! I wish they go away ASAP! BTW, I can proudly say I have never seen her reality show, but its hard to escape the "news" from her with all the media outlets selling out to her "charm'!UGGHH!