Sunday, 28 August 2011

Well, helloo :-)

Making my grand entrance to the world of Blogs. Been playing with the thought of starting my own for a while just to vent myself and escape from my usual world of routine and work. Even if no-one ever reads it I will still continue writing it for its mildly therapeutic influence to myself  (:

So, what do I, an ordinary girl born and bred in the wonderful country of Estonia and currently residing in the UK, have to write about?

I adore fashion and everything surrounding it - clothes, accessories, models, designers, magazines... I could not live without my weekly / monthly glossies and add to my ever-growing wardrobe every week. A bit of an addict really!! So, this is what I will be writing about - clothes, gossip, anything that interests me and a little bit about myself! Not too much though, I promise ;-)

Lastly, I would like to present you with a massive thank you for taking time to read my new baby-blog.
If I am lucky enough to deserve your return to this blog, I promise not to bore you to death :D

Much love,
quiinEst xoxo

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